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How To Determine Your Internet Usage Requirements

With a stable internet connection, you can carry out any online task. From work to entertainment, you can perform any data-intensive activity as long as you have reliable speeds and uninterrupted connectivity to the internet. 

Therefore, the quality of your internet connection should be good enough to support your online activities.

internet usage

Before signing up for an internet plan, you need to ensure that it matches your internet usage requirements.

If you are not sure about your internet requirements, then keep reading this article to find out!

What Is Internet Usage?

Your internet usage refers to the amount of data that transfers between your device and the internet within a specific period.

It is measured in gigabytes (GB), megabytes (MB), and kilobytes (KB). Data can transfer in two different ways: uploading and downloading. Uploading is the process where data is transferred from a device to the internet.

Whereas, downloading refers to the transfer of data from the internet to a device. Some of the most common examples of uploading and downloading are as follows:


  • Searching a query on Google
  • Sending an email (with or without attachments)
  • Chatting on WhatsApp or Messenger
  • Sharing media files over the internet
  • Posting content on social media


  • Watching live streaming on YouTube or Facebook
  • Receiving email (with or without attachments)
  • Scrolling on social media feed
  • Streaming audio or video over the internet
  • Saving files from a website or an app

What Are Your Internet Usage Requirements?

Internet usage requirements vary from person to person. You may need high speeds for playing competitive games, while another user connected to the same network may require a high data allowance for video conferencing.

Here are the two main factors that should be considered while choosing an internet connection:


Data is one of the crucial factors that can make or break your online experience.

With sufficient data, you can share your network with multiple users to perform data-intensive tasks simultaneously, yet your internet connection will be just as stable for all users connected to it.

However, if your internet provider imposes data caps, then it can be difficult to keep up with your data limits; or else, it may impose overage fees on your monthly internet bills.

Whether you are living in a small or medium-sized household, we recommend you go for an internet plan that offers unlimited data.

This way, you don’t have to worry about going above your monthly data caps.

But, if you are looking for ways to save money, then you should consider choosing an internet plan that aligns with your data requirements.

If you are skeptical about choosing a data plan, then you may need to estimate your data usage to understand how much data you will need.

Here is a breakdown of the online activities that can be performed within 1 GB of data:

  • Streaming TV shows for up to 2 hours
  • Watching a video in standard definition (SD) for 1 hour
  • Video conferencing for 1.5 hours
  • Uploading or downloading 1000 photos of 1 MB each

Upload And Download Speeds

Apart from data, speeds are one of the most crucial factors that make up your requirements for an internet connection.

While most internet providers offer download speeds that are much higher than the upload speeds, you can go for an internet connection with symmetrical speeds.

This way, your upload speeds will be just as fast as your download speeds, which will make it easier for you to perform various tasks over the internet without any hassle.

Since most internet service providers (ISPs) advertise plans with ultrafast speeds, you need to choose the one that provides exactly what it claims to offer.

Get in touch with MetroNet customer service for reliable speeds and unlimited data offers.

Here are the speeds needed to carry out everyday tasks with the number of users that can be connected to the same network simultaneously:

Internet Speed Range

Online Activity

Number of Users

5-10 Mbps

  • Video streaming in SD

  • Checking emails

  • Surfing the web


20-40 Mbps

  • Video streaming in HD and 4K

  • Online gaming


40-100 Mbps

  • Video streaming in 4K

  • Sharing large files

  • Running smart home appliances


100-500 Mbps

  • Video streaming in 4K and UHD

  • Running a home-based office

  • Sharing large files quickly

  • Running creative software


500-1,000 Mbps

  • Video streaming in 4K

  • Running multi-device / multiuser functions

  • Running creative software


Which Internet Service Provider Should I Go For?

While most online activities can be performed with as low as 25 Mbps speeds, others may require you to have much faster speeds and higher data allowance.

With MetroNet, you can enjoy seamless connectivity without any monthly data caps.

It offers fiber internet plans without signing any long-term contracts.

This means that you can cancel your subscription whenever you want, without paying early termination fees (ETF).

Besides, it provides a wireless router so you could connect multiple devices to the internet without any wiring.


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