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Xtreme RAT 3.7 Download [ 2023 ] Latest Windows Hack Tool

It is the best and powerful windows rat with so many advanced and new features. You can hack anyone's PC and Laptop by using this remote administration tool.

It is the favorite tool for hackers. You can hack and control thousands of pcs and laptops at a single time in this windows rat. I provide you Xtreme RAT Download Link & Tutorial below.

xtreme rat

You can see so many new features in this windows rat. This rat is especially targeted at midden eastern countries.

Many Israeli and Syrian governments systems were hacked by this remote administration tool. Hackers steal very informative data with this remote access software.


What Is Xtreme RAT Trojan?

XTRAT stands for ( Xtreme RAT ). It is a powerful remote access trojan that attacked the United States of America, Israel, Syria, and also other midden eastern countries.

It steals all information from the system silently. It was first discovered in 2012. You can fully control windows silently by using this remote access tool.

You can download Xtreme RAT 3.7 latest from below. It has the ability to hack and control thousands of clients at a single time in their dashboard.

XT RAT interface is very simple and user-friendly. You can use its keylogger feature to record the keystrokes of your hacked clients.

By Xtreme rat trojan you can recover all system passwords and browser passwords in one click of your hacked clients.

This remote access trojan has an ability that allows hackers to remotely control hacked user's windows desktops in real-time. You can control his mouse and keyboard with your mouse and keyboard remotely.

xtreme rat 3.7

You can get all information about your victim pc with XTRAT. You can hack victims from all over the world from this windows rat.

You can silently spy on your victim's activities. You can turn on the victim front camera of the laptop and you can see the live activities of your hacked victim.

You can also turn on the victim mic from this remote access tool and also can hear the victim's voice clearly by using XT RAT.

You can download any file from the victim's pc, you can upload any file into the victim's pc from this remote access trojan. You can also execute any file into the victim's pc.

You can remotely turn off the victim's pc and also turn on the victim's pc in one click. You can also edit and control registry files on the victim's pc.

You can also monitor on victim's network, wifi, and local network. Xtreme rat download free from below.

Xtreme rat trojan has the ability to open any website link on your victim's pc. This remote administration tool also provides you reverse proxy feature that is a very advanced feature nowadays.

You can also check victim pc ports with one click. You can also use the keylogger feature to capture the keystrokes of your victim from this remote access trojan.


  • Server
  • Country
  • IP
  • Cam
  • Options
  • Languages
  • Ping
  • Version
  • Information
  • Password recovery
  • Filemanager
  • Upload & Download
  • Execute any file
  • Remote desktop
  • Process manager
  • Windows manager
  • Regedit
  • Service manager
  • Active ports
  • Devices list
  • Remote shell
  • Clipboard manager
  • Audio capture
  • Keylogger
  • Chat
  • Proxy
  • Open Website
  • Run command
  • Auto-update
  • Many more etc...

How To Use?

Many new coming peoples do not know how to use xtreme rat 3.7? I explain you in a simple way. It is very easy to set up and use like other remote access trojans.

It requires a port forwarding feature and dynamic DNS. Open Xtreme rat builder and enter your dynamic DNS, port number and click on build and a payload will build successfully.

Xtreme RAT Video Tutorial

Download Requirements

These are two mandatory software. If you face any kind of error during xtreme rat trojan installations then download and install these softwares to solve your error and for smooth use.

xtreme rat download

1. Microsoft Netframework 3.5 or 4.6.1 ( Download Here 3.5 ) ( Download Here 4.6.1 )

System Compatibility

It is properly tested on all windows operating systems. It can work perfectly on all windows operating systems after fulfilling their requirements.
  • Windows 11
  • Windows 10  ( Recommended System )
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7

How To Install In Windows?

1. First of all Turn Off your antivirus
2. Download and extract the zip file
3. Now unzip it
4. Turn off windows defender real-time protection
5. Run Xtreme RAT 3.7.exe
6. Enjoy.

Download Xtreme RAT

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  • Download and enjoy.


I hope you like this article and I am sure you have been successfully Xtreme RAT Download Free. If you have any questions related to this article then drop your comment below. I will try to answer you as soon as possible.

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